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I've never been one to settle for average. I always strive to be into something I am passionate about. In High School it was skateboarding. I got sponsored by Lil Jons company Crunk Energy Drink, Silver Star Clothing, Original Skateboard. After high school I looked into modeling. I got on MTV three times winning the Hottie Of The Day contest. Eventualy it was time to buckle down and work full time to provide for myself. With little spare time I decided to put my financial resources in getting a brand new Cadillac CTS and completely customizing it including a hood-scoop, 20" solid chrome rims, door vents, chrome ascents everywhere. After crashing a year later I started over with a second one. Crashed it a week later after working a 12 hour shift. I've since sold it and paid cash for a smaller car, allowing me to upgrade my house and move in with a amazing woman. I now am concentrating my creative talent on music. So thank you for fueling my passion! Flame Thrower Alan (Craker).

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I will create a quick beat and rap you a 16 verse song (around a minute) for $10! It will be 16 bars / lines. I am a music producer, audio engineer and artist. I have been in music for years and have done hundreds of songs, jingles and personal raps. I can rap about anything funny, sad, random, something for your business, a love song for your girlfriend whatever you would like! Ill sing / rap the song over 3 different beats/background music.

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